Head First

Today, it hit me. Summer. Is. Ending.

I have yet to pack. In fact, I should most likely locate my suitcase to begin with. But I am ready. I went to the drugstore two days ago and bought a four-month supply of diarrhea medication and supplies for when Mother Nature hits in France.

So, instead of getting physically prepared, I found a few friends and stuck my head out of a tram window (photo cred: Nicholle Yu // Salmon // Fish), which I can now use as a metaphor for my leaping head first into my next adventure. I am so stoked to be flying out to France tomorrow with my dad. We’ll be flying into Marseille and staying in the Ecrins National Park area to hike for three days before I take a train into Aix and meet my host family!

In the meantime. If anyone has packing tips for France. I would appreciate them within the next twelve hours.

One thought on “Head First


    Happy hiking with your Dad. Special memories with him.

    Wishing you many adventures and marvelous experiences in France.
    Shirley B


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