How to Cope with Feeling Alone at Night

Wikihow tells me there are 3 ways to cope with How to Cope with Feeling Alone at Night, one of which is staying busy, and the other two, finding someone and/or learning how to be alone. Wikihow is the most useless self-help page or book I have ever consulted. Sometimes the graphics are impressively useless as well.

Recently, I’ve taken to listening to various soundtracks from The Color Purple because Cynthia Erivo, Jennifer Hudson, and Danielle Brooks are absolutely stunning and it’s been gotten me through a lot of random junk in the way of life – such as not being able to cope with Feeling Alone at Night.

Wikihow tells me one of the ways to stay busy (while trying to Cope with Feeling Alone at Night) is to “try exercising, dancing to your favorite songs, jumping on your bed, or learning karate on YouTube.” I have no idea why I would get out of bed to learn karate on YouTube at 2 in the morning. OR, if that’s not your jam, go ahead and “browse Pinterest or Google for inspirational quotes to paste as a wallpaper on your phone or profile photo on social media,” because social media will make you happier about loneliness. Doesn’t suit your taste? Want some human contact? Then email someone! All of which is to say, “embrace yourself and being with yourself!” They even give it a damn good picture.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.35.32 AM.png

I think this graphic is terrifying. So instead, I’m going to listen to Cynthia and JHudson one, or five, more times and try to go to sleep, without the karate, without the futile emailing, and definitely without Pinterest quotes to keep me going.

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