Full Moon Woes and Wine

I’ve evidently made progress because

  1. I am starting to use this keyboard without having to constantly look down at my fingers.
  2. Zaza has given me full control of Spotify has her music while she works all day.
  3. Today not only did I help with lunch but she also bought me more greek yogurt and had me cook fried rice for dinner.
  4. And there’s hot water in the showers again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had gotten so accustomed to showering in cold water my neck was starting to tense up. Tonight we had so much wine at dinner I went on an evening walk with Loulou the dog slightly drunk anyhow. But today I started implementing my sense of routine by waking up, journalling, and reading a chapter of my book on ISIS. I hadn’t slept very well, which I later learned was probably because of the full moon last night. Then I worked by helping shovel dirt throughout the garden, then with breaking up pieces of wood and paper for a bonfire we are creating this very moment. Then we had chickpeas, potatoes, and eggs for lunch, and I took the afternoon to read Room, write, journal, and then went on a long run and got some sun out. I then cooked dinner after some more reading and writing and am absolutely exhausted. I love the summer here with so much daylight I am practically tired out by the light. Zaza’s two sons, the twins, came for dinner and were rather funny. it’s always really nice to have some new company, especially to speak French to.

After dinner I went on a walk with the two Russian workers and we talked about Russian literature, the countryside, about travelling, and visiting Avignon sometime in the next week or two. Takibf my walk around the countryside in my pajamas, braless, in flip flops with the dog off his leash was so nice. I wish the city life could be more like this.

Tomorrow we have to clean the pool together, and i am dreading have to be up to my knees in dirt and mud but the things we dread are probably the best for us, no?